7 Ways To Build Your Nest Egg Digitally

1 October 2018
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Today's world offers so many options to save money and build your nest egg from your home computer, tablet, or even your phone. You no longer need to drive and meet with a financial adviser in person. Your nest egg can be built from the couch while in your pajamas.

1. Cut Spending: We all know that sticking to a budget and cutting out wasteful spending where we can is the first step to building a nest egg. You can't save money if you are spending every penny you make. Personal finance websites abound on the internet. Mint.com and many others are readily available for you to track your spending and learn how, when, and where to trim back. 

2. Emergency Fund: Once you have a few extra nickels to rub together, you may want to invest them. Wait. The next step needs to be creating and building an emergency fund. If your car breaks down or you lose your job, you need a safety net of cold, hard cash so you can get back on your feet. Set attainable goals. Start with saving just $1,000 and eventually grow it to 3-6 months of your current monthly expenses. Using online banking tools, round up your purchases to the nearest dollar or five-dollar increment, and transfer the difference to your savings account or a money market. If you get a raise or bonus, transfer that as well. 

3. Online Trading: Trading stocks on the New York Stock Exchange was once reserved for the wealthy elite who could afford to buy hundreds, if not thousands, of shares of stock at a time through a broker. With blogs to educate you on the ins and outs of investing and discount brokerage firms that allow you to trade online, you can invest in just 10 shares of stock all on your own without any help. You can even do it in those pajamas. 

4. Cryptocurrency: Another way to build your growing nest egg in a digital world is to invest in cryptocurrency. This new, digital form of currency is an emerging market that experts expect to continue stabilizing in the years to come. Safe, reliable sites, like Creditcoin, allow you to purchase the cryptocurrency of your choosing with your credit or debit card.

5. Gold: Your grandparents and parents probably bought physical gold as an investment vehicle. Who needs to hold on to that much physical gold? Luckily, in this day and age, you don't have to. You can log into your online trading account and buy shares of gold ETFs, exchange-traded funds that focus solely on buying gold.  

6. Mobile Apps: What did we even do before smartphones? Mobile apps are ubiquitous. They help us do everything from training for a 5K race to finding a mate. The most exciting app for investing, however, is the ability to buy fractional shares of stock. Few people have the two thousand plus dollars needed to buy a single share of Amazon stock (AMZN). Fractional shares, however, bring this hot stock down to everyone's reach. Think of it as crowdsourcing stock purchases. The apps (there are several) pool everyone's money together to make larger purchases. You may only own .03 of one share, but at least you have skin in the game.  

7. REIT: Real estate has always been a solid investment, but no one really wants to be a landlord. REITs (real estate investment trusts) allow you to invest in real estate without owning physical property. There are multiple REITs available online for smaller investors that focus on residential developments, mall property, or even key in on just office spaces. 

Building that digital nest egg is easy with all the online tools available.